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Mexico Visa for Indians

Mexico Visa for Indians

Are you heading off to Mexico on holiday and need some advice on what paperwork you need to process? Maybe you are asking ‘do Indians need a visa for Mexico’? Read our guide and let Byevisa help you get everything in order so that you can focus on working out where you want to visit when you arrive.

Mexico is a tourist hotspot and many people love it because of the beautiful surroundings, fun activities and depth of culture. When you are planning your trip it is wise to seek advice from travel experts that will help you avoid the typical problems tourists encounter when preparing to go on holiday.

It is a fact that travel certification can be a challenge and people often take the wrong things or forget to complete the right applications in time. This is no longer a problem as, here at Byevisa, we are happy to assist you in applying for what you need so that you can travel with peace of mind.

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Mexico Tourist Visa for Indians vs eVisa

If you are an Indian tourist you do not need a Mexico e-Visa for Indians nor do you need a Mexico Visa on Arrival for Indians. The reason for this is that the Mexican government changed their requirements back in 2015 meaning that you now need to apply for a Tourist Card instead.

Application Process for Indian Travellers

The application process for the Tourist Card is straightforward – all you need to do is complete our online application and fill in all the details that are required (see these below).

When you have submitted your completed application and paid your fee, you can relax and wait for an email confirmation from Byevisa. We only ever contact the email address that you sign up with, so make sure you check it for updates on a regular basis.

When we have your Tourist Card, we send it to your email address ready for you to print out and use. If you have applied for multiple Tourist Cards for your whole party then we will deliver them as they are issued.

Mexico Visa Requirements for Indians

Whilst people refer to the Tourist Card as a tourist visa, it’s the document you need to enter Mexico. It was produced to help keep an eye on the number of people that are visiting the country from other countries.

If you would like to order your Tourist Card before you get to your destination then all we need from you is:

  • Your name and address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality and place of residence
  • A passport that has 6 months’ validity
  • Your flight and ticket number
  • A credit/debit card or PayPal account
  • An email account

When we have this information, we process your application quickly and get it delivered directly to your email inbox.

Mexico Visa Fees for Indians

While you don’t need a visa as such, you need to pay a fee to get hold of a Tourist Card through Byevisa. The great news is that this is a cheap service and can take less than an hour to process.

If you are arriving by air, the Tourist Card is free of charge to all Indian tourists. If you are arriving over land then it will cost you 29.00 USD. In addition, you pay Byevisa’s processing fee which starts as low as 20.00 USD.

Mexico Visa for Indians FAQ

The Tourist Card can be issued for up to 180 days of travel in the country and is issued for every person in your travel party, including minors.

If you love travelling, then Byevisa is here for you for all your travel paperwork needs. We will happily arrange a Tourist Card for your Mexican adventure and we take great care to provide an outstanding service. Below we’ve answered a range of questions we get asked a lot, so that you can look forward to your trip without any concerns.

How Long is the Flight From India to Mexico?

Flying to Mexico will take you just under 23 hours in total if you get a quick flight. You can expect to fly for longer if you have multiple stops and sleepover times. The good thing about long flights is that you get to enjoy the fantastic airline hospitality and get some sleep, so that you are ready to enjoy yourself the minute you arrive.

If you aren’t a fan of flying, you can choose to cruise to Mexico from India and stop at multiple destinations on the way, seeing the sights of the world with the people you love the most.

Have an Emergency When You Are Away?

Indians travelling to Mexico are entitled to support from the Indian government if something goes wrong when you are away. If you find yourself in a crisis, then you just need to contact the India Consulate in Mexico who will provide you with the information and support you need.

Is Mexico Safe for Indians?

Mexican officials work tirelessly to ensure that you can travel in safety. The main advice offered is to remain in the tourist areas with your tour group so that you are close to help whenever you may need it.

Try not to head too far off the beaten path, but if you want to explore then take a guide and go on a registered excursion. Employing your common sense will keep you safe in this country.

Indians in Mexico – More Information to Apply for Your Tourist Card

If you need further information or want to find out more about application process, then visit our page about the Mexico Tourist Card. You will find everything you need in order to get hold of the documentation you need to enter Mexico for your holiday. You can also check our visit Mexico section to learn more.

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