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Netherlands Visa for UK Citizens

Netherlands Visa for UK Citizens

If you’re a UK citizen planning a trip to the Netherlands (also known as Holland), you’re probably wondering if you are required to obtain a visa for entry into the country. If you can’t wait to explore all Holland has to offer, it’s helpful to know if you need a visa or if you’re exempt before you set off on your journey.

The good news is, if you hold a full British passport, you do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. However, if you are a non-UK national residing in Great Britain, the rules around this will differ.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about visiting the Netherlands from the UK.

Is There a Netherlands Visa for Visitors From the UK?

If you’re asking yourself “Do UK citizens need a visa for the Netherlands?”, then you may be pleased to know that if you hold a full British passport, you don’t need a visa to enter the country.

The Netherlands is a country in the Schengen area, and British nationals can stay visa-free here and in other countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. This includes for purposes such as travelling as a tourist, to visit family or friends, for business meetings, cultural or sports events, or for short-term education and training.

If you are travelling to Holland and other Schengen countries without a visa, make sure your entire visit is within the 90-day limit. To stay longer, to work or study, or for other reasons, you will need to meet the Dutch government’s entry requirements. Check with the Netherlands Embassy in London what type of visa you may need.

If you are a non-UK national residing in Britain and travelling to Holland, you may be required to apply for the Dutch Schengen Visa.

Is There a Visa for the Netherlands for Non-UK Nationals?

If you are a non-UK national residing in Great Britain, certain nationalities – among them China, Russia, India and Turkey – are required to apply for a Schengen Visa to visit the country for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

The main requirement is that you must have a UK residence permit valid for at least another 3 more months beyond the date you plan to leave Holland and the Schengen Area.

You will find full details of the application process and can apply for a visa at the nearest Dutch embassy, consulate or Dutch visa application centre in Great Britain.

The address of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Britain is:

38 Hyde Park Gate
South Kensington

Netherlands Entry Requirements for UK Citizens

As mentioned previously, UK citizens who possess a full British passport are not required to obtain a visa for short stays in the country. However, there are a few entry requirements to bear in mind if you are planning on travelling here.

The main requirement you will need to meet is regarding your passport. Check your passport is valid for travel before you book your trip, or renew it if you do not have enough time left on it.

Make sure your passport is:

  • Valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave Holland or any other Schengen country.
  • Less than 10 years old.

Before travelling, make sure your passport is in good condition. Authorities have been known to impound damaged passports. If this happens to you, you will be required to get an emergency travel document to leave the country. To save yourself any problems at the airport, check your passport is in a good condition before you travel.

Do UK Visitors Need to Pay to Enter the Netherlands?

For UK travellers with a British passport, there are no direct costs associated with entry into the country because you are not required to obtain a visa prior to travel.

For non-UK nationals residing in Great Britain, when applying for a Schengen Visa there is a non-refundable mandatory visa fee. The Schengen Visa costs vary depending on the type of visa and age of the applicant. For an adult, the cost is approximately 96 USD, which is to be paid in the designated consulate or embassy via cash, debit or credit card.

Travelling to the Netherlands From the UK

The country has plenty to offer whether you’re hoping to explore the bustling streets and elaborate canal system of the Netherlands’ capital city, Amsterdam, or you’re hoping to uncover 18th-century windmills at the UNESCO World Heritage Site and village, Kinderdijk, near Rotterdam.

British nationals make more than 2 million visits to the country every year, half of whom are visiting Amsterdam. It is likely that during your visit you will fly into the main international airport of the Netherlands, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Located 9 kilometres southwest of Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport offers regular and direct flights from most cities in Great Britain. You can hop from most cities in Britain to the capital city Amsterdam in just 60 minutes.

About the British Embassy in the Netherlands

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in The Hague is the chief diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom here. The Embassy is located on one of the most famous streets in the Netherlands, Lange Voorhout, in the Centrum. It’s open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

The embassy’s full address is:

Lange Voorhout 10,
2514 ED
Den Haag

Netherlands Visa FAQs for UK Travellers

Below you will find answers to some common FAQs.

Can All UK Nationals Travel to the Netherlands?

Yes, for purposes including touristic, business or short-term study and training, travelling here is usually a straightforward process. If you hold a British passport, you don’t need a visa to enter the country, and can stay for up to 90 days in a 180-day period.

Is It Safe for UK Citizens to Travel to the Netherlands?

Yes, it is safe for citizens of this country to visit. Around 2 million British nationals visit each year. Most visits are trouble-free.

Although you should remain vigilant, as you would when travelling anywhere and be mindful of any changes to government guidelines, visiting the country is a straightforward and hassle-free experience for most travellers from Great Britain.

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Travelling From the UK?

Although Amsterdam is the official capital and the city that welcomes the most international visitors each year, The Hague is the seat of government and home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice. You will find the Embassy of the United Kingdom located in The Hague (full address provided above).

To learn more, read about the EU’s upcoming ETIAS visa waiver for the Netherlands, which Brits visiting here will need from 2022/3. You can also check our Visit the Netherlands page for more handy travel tips.

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