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Oman Visa for UAE Residents

Oman Visa for UAE Resident

If you are living in the United Arab Emirates and are keen to visit Oman on holiday, you may be wondering whether you need to obtain any type of special travel authorisation if you’re planning a visit to Oman as a tourist. The answer to this depends on whether you are a UAE resident or whether you’re a UAE citizen.

The term ‘resident’ is used to refer to anyone from another country who is living in the United Arab Emirates with a valid residence permit. Meanwhile, the term ‘citizen’ is used to describe anyone who has UAE nationality. For the purposes of this article, we’re focusing on United Arab Emirates residents and not citizens.

Luckily, Byevisa is on hand to make it easy to apply for a visa to Oman for UAE residents.


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Do UAE Residents Need a Visa for Oman?

If you are resident in one of the GCC countries and are travelling as a tourist to Oman, you need to obtain a permit to enable you to enter the Sultanate. Luckily, there is a convenient procedure to apply for the Oman visa online for UAE residents and you can obtain yours with Byevisa.

What is the Oman Visa Cost for UAE Residents and What is the Validity Period?

United Arab Emirates’ expat residents can obtain a single entry GCC Resident Tourist Visa which costs 13 USD. This authorisation must be used within 1 month of issue and permits entry for up to 30 days. Byevisa also charges an additional processing fee for handling the application on your behalf.

What Are the Oman Visa Requirements for UAE Residents?

When you make your application you must supply the following documentation:

  • A passport that remains valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry.
  • A digital passport photo no larger than 512 kb.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Proof of a minimum of 6 months’ residency remaining in the UAE after the date of entry.
  • Your personal and passport details, like your full name, date of birth and phone number.
  • An email address for us to send you your valid travel authorisation.

You must also be on the approved list of professions or be accompanying someone who is on the approved list in order to apply for this authorisation type.

How Do I Obtain the Oman Visit Visa for UAE Residents?

The Oman e visa for UAE residents can be applied for through Byevisa’s convenient and user-friendly website:

  • Just select the right travel authorisation to suit your needs.
  • Complete the required personal and passport information.
  • Select the speed at which you would like your authorisation to arrive.
  • Enter your payment information and submit your application.

Byevisa offers 3 different delievery speeds ⁠— Standard, Rapid and Highly Rapid ⁠— so you can be certain to receive your authorisation in good time before you travel.

You must also provide scans of the required documents mentioned above.

We email your eVisa to you when it’s ready. You can then print it out and take it with you on holiday to show the authorities when you arrive at the border.

Note that, for this authorisation to be valid, you need to enter Oman directly from a GCC country.

When Should I Apply for My Visa to Oman for UAE Residents?

It is recommended that you apply a minimum of 4 days before you intend to travel. Bear in mind though that your authorisation will only remain valid for a period of 1 month after issue, so don’t apply too early.

Byevisa offers 3 different processing speeds so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your document will arrive in good time.

Learning More About the Oman Visit Visa for UAE Residents

We’ve given you most of the information you need to apply for an Oman tourist visa for UAE residents. Also, we’ve answered a number of frequently asked questions below to give you even more guidance.

Is There an Oman Visa on Arrival for UAE Residents?

Until recently, there was an Oman Visa on Arrival for UAE residents by road, but this system has now been replaced by the eVisa. Although it may still be possible in exceptional circumstances to obtain an authorisation at the border, this is not standard practice and therefore, you need to obtain your Electronic Visa before travelling.

Is There an Oman Free Visa for UAE Residents?

As we’ve already mentioned, the Oman visa from UAE price is 13 USD. There is an exception, however. There are free joint visas if you are travelling directly to Oman from Dubai or from Qatar. These cannot be applied for online and therefore require a traditional paper application form to be completed and submitted.

Is There an Oman Transit Visa for UAE Residents?

There are 2 transit visas available. Both cost 13 USD.

  • Air transit – this visa allows the holder to enter Oman once and remain for a period of up to 72 hours.
  • Road transit – this visa remains valid for 2 months and allows the holder to transit through Sultanate territory for a period that doesn’t exceed 3 days. To be eligible, you must be a national of a neighbouring country or hold an entry visa to a neighbouring country.

To apply, a typed, approved and stamped application form must be submitted to the UAE’s Sultanate embassy or Yemen Republic’s Sultanate embassy. It must be completed in Arabic or English. A copy of the applicant’s passport must be enclosed and it must remain valid for a period of at least 6 months.

How to Call Oman From the UAE

You may need to know how to place a telephone call to an Omani telephone number from the United Arab Emirates. Follow this process:

  • First, you must dial 00 – this is the international dialling code.
  • Next, dial 968 – this is the Omani country code.
  • Then dial the area code. There are 7 different area codes, so you need to ensure that you have the correct one.
  • Finally, dial the number you need to contact to place your call.

Further Information About Visiting Oman

We have aimed to give you all the information that you require to apply successfully for an Omani eVisa for your upcoming trip. However, should you need any further advice or guidance, we invite you to visit our Oman visa page. You can find more information about travelling to Oman here.

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