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Spain Travel Health Form

Spain Travel Health Form

If you’re planning to soak up the sun on a Spanish holiday, you’ll need to consider what health requirements you’ll need to meet to visit.

Like many countries around the world, Spain has introduced a Health Control Form in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Health Control Form is the country’s way of managing the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. It enables tourists to visit here in a safe and controlled way. It works in the same way as a Passenger Locator Form if you have completed one previously.

It’s a requirement for all visitors to fill out an application, as it is an important tool for the country to protect public health and control the spread of COVID-19.

You may be pleased to learn that Byevisa can provide this permit for you. All you need to do is fill out our application in a matter of minutes, and you’ll soon be on your way to start your Spanish adventure!

Read on for more details about the Travel Health Form for Spain and what you need to do to apply.

All About the Passenger Locator Form for Spain

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, if you’re planning a trip to Spain you need to complete the Spain Health Control Form. This is an electronic permit that enables international visitors to enter the country.

You need to complete this before you depart, whether you’re arriving in Spain by air or sea and also if you’re transiting through to another country. It’s a requirement for all travellers, but children under 12 years old don’t need to complete it.

The good news is you can obtain your health pass by completing our application online with Byevisa in just a few minutes. As part of your application, you will need to provide a few personal details, your passport details, and a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination/recovery.

The Travel Health Control Form is for travellers visiting for purposes such as business and tourism and is valid for Single Entry use into the country.

The health pass is not the same as a visa. If you need to obtain a visa to travel to this country, you’ll need to go through the usual process. You should seek advice and further details at a Spanish embassy or consulate, in addition to filling out an online application and getting approval to travel via the health pass.

Spain Locator Form Application Process

You can complete your application online with Byevisa, as we can arrange your health authorisation through our electronic service.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Complete your online application using Byevisa’s online service.
  2. Pay for your order using a valid credit or debit card or an active PayPal account.
  3. Receive your approved document in your email inbox.

Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll receive a QR code that you can show to authorities while making your journey.

Spanish Health Form Requirements

If you’re ready to apply for your travel health authorisation, then you need to fill out our online application. This application will ask for the following items:

  • A digital scanned copy of the personal details page of your passport.
  • Your national ID card (if applicable).
  • Your negative test result for COVID-19 (if applicable).
  • Your vaccine certificate/recovery record (if applicable).

Your passport must be valid and in date, and you’ll need a working email address. You’ll receive your QR code via email after completing the form, so make sure you have filled out the correct details!

The application is quick and simple to complete. You’ll be asked for a few personal details and your travel information, including:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Passport number or national ID number
  • Nationality
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Flight number
  • Date of arrival in Spain
  • Date of departure from Spain
  • Accommodation bookings

Most travellers will also need to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken not more than 72 hours before your departure, or a vaccine certificate/recovery record. Some nationalities are exempt from taking a test. Check before you travel what the testing policy is for your individual country.

What Is the Spain Travel Health Form Cost?

Fortunately, the Spanish government charges no fee for the Travel Health form. To use Byevisa’s service, we charge the following based on how quickly you want to receive your permit:

  • Standard service (24-hour delivery) for 26 USD
  • Rapid service (4-hour delivery) for 45.50 USD
  • Highly Rapid service (30-minute delivery) for 78 USD

With Byevisa, you save yourself the time and work of applying for the Travel Health permit yourself!

Do I Need to Print the Health Control Form for Spain?

Once you’ve completed your application, you will receive a QR code sent to the email address you provided. The QR code is proof that you have completed the form. It will be scanned by authorities during your journey.

You can present the code on a mobile device, so it’s not necessary to print and bring this with you. However, if you’re worried about running out of battery or experiencing technical problems, you can print it and bring a paper copy to the airport.

About Travelling to Spain

Statistically, Spain is Europe’s sunniest country, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that it attracts many tourists and holidaymakers every year! With many beach resorts, cultural cities and mouth-watering cuisine, the country’s laid back holiday atmosphere is a big draw for many.

You can reach Spain easily by air or sea. Commercial flights and cruises operate from many international airports and ports.

Spain Travel Health Form Questions and Answers

Please find below helpful answers to some common FAQs. We hope these answers resolve any remaining questions you may have.

Do You Need a Passenger Locator Form for Spain?

Yes. Visitors from most countries are allowed to visit the country, so long as they meet the health requirements. You will need to complete the Travel Health Form online and present a valid QR code during your journey. This shows that you have approval to enter the country.

If you’re required to obtain a visa to visit here, you’ll still need to get this too.

When to Do the Passenger Locator Form for Spain?

You can complete the health form 48 hours before your arrival time, so you’ll not be able to start your application before this time. You can complete your form through Byevisa with our quick and simple online process.

More Information on Visiting Spain

Now that you know everything you need to about Spain’s Travel Health Form, you can make your application by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button below.

Also, check our page to find out about the upcoming ETIAS visa waiver for Spain, while our Visit Spain page has lots of useful travel information, from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites to what regions you’ll find here. Have an amazing trip!

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