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Tanzania Visa for UK Citizens

Tanzania Visa for UK Citizens

Are you planning a Tanzania holiday? UK citizens who wish to visit this fascinating destination need to take the time to find out more about the type of travel authorisation you need to be granted entry into the country.

The good news is that we here at Byevisa give you the details you require to make your eVisa application. Since it’s swift and simple to apply online you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing all your paperwork is in order before you set off on your trip.

Do You Need a Tanzania Visa From the UK?

As a British citizen you require a tourist visa to enter the country on holiday. The good news is that it’s quick and easy to make your application in advance, since Byevisa offers a convenient online process. This allows you to complete the information and upload the necessary documentation over the internet and receive your document via email.

What Does the Tanzania Visa for UK Citizens Cost?

You are required to pay a fee to obtain your Tanzanian travel authorisation. The government charges 50.00 USD for the eVisa. Byevisa also charges an additional fee for processing the paperwork.

The cost of this fee varies depending on how quickly you need to receive your document. There are 3 different processing speeds available:

  • Standard (10-business day delivery for 30.00 USD)
  • Rapid (7-business day delivery for 55.00 USD)
  • Highly Rapid (5-business day delivery for 85.00 USD)

So you can be certain of having your paperwork ready for you to head off on your trip.

How to Get a Visa For Tanzania From the UK

For United Kingdom citizens travelling on a Tanzanian holiday, you can obtain your travel authorisation by making your application online through our website. Here at Byevisa we make it easy and convenient to apply for an eVisa.

Simply choose the type of travel authorisation you need, fill in your details, upload the necessary documents then choose the processing speed you need (outlined above). Then, all you have to do pay the fee with a credit or debit card. Your document is then sent to your email address for you to print out and take away on your trip with you.

What Questions Are on the Tanzania Visa Application Form UK?

When you’re filling out the online application form for your Tanzanian eVisa as a British tourist, you need to supply certain details. These include:

  • Your names (both your first and last names are required).
  • Your citizenship and nationality.
  • Your passport number and where it was issued.
  • Your date and country of birth.
  • Your address in the United Kingdom.
  • Your telephone number and email address.
  • Your length of stay in Tanzania.
  • Details of your accommodation during your trip.

What Are the Visa Requirements for Tanzania for UK Citizens?

There are certain documents you need to upload when making your eVisa application for your upcoming holiday. These include:

  • A copy of your valid passport’s biographic data page.
  • A return flight ticket (this is not mandatory).
  • A completed declaration form.

How Long Is a Tanzania Visa for UK Citizens Valid For?

When you apply for your Tanzanian eVisa the authorities will determine the length of time your travel authorisation is valid for. However, the period will not exceed 90 days. Your eVisa is also a Single Entry document so you will only be permitted to enter and leave the country once.

More Questions About the Tanzania Visa for UK Citizens

The Byevisa team hope that we’ve given you all the details you need to make your application for your eVisa for your upcoming Tanzanian holiday through our website here. However, we know that sometimes you need a little more guidance and advice. So, read on, and find some answers to other commonly asked questions that we often receive.

Is There a Tanzania Visa on Arrival for a UK Citizen?

There are limited options for a Tanzanian Visa on Arrival if you’re a United Kingdom citizen, so your best option is to apply online for your eVisa in plenty of time before your date of travel, so that you can be confident of gaining entry to the country.

What is the Processing Time for the Tanzania eVisa for UK Travellers?

Here at Byevisa, we know that you require your document in a timely manner, so you can be confident of having it in your possession ready for you to set off. That’s why we offer a choice of 3 processing speeds (please see above).

It’s possible to apply for your travel authorisation online as early as 6 months before the due date of your trip. If need be, you can ask us to pause your application until closer to your travel dates, to ensure that your eVisa is valid for when you set off. Simply get in touch to find out more!

Is Tanzania Safe for UK Travellers?

If you’re travelling on holiday to Tanzania you don’t need to worry unduly about your safety. Most tourists from the UK enjoy a trouble-free trip to this beautiful country.

Of course, you should take care not to display valuables in an ostentatious way when out and about, and you should only use licensed taxi cabs to travel. You should also make use of your hotel’s safe to ensure your valuables are well-protected.

More About the Tanzania Tourist Visa for UK Citizens

We’ve given you the answers here to most of the questions that you’re likely to have about obtaining your Tanzanian tourist eVisa as a British citizen. It couldn’t be quicker or easier to make your application through Byevisa, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties in having a smooth and convenient start to your trip.

Should you require any more information to make your eVisa application, check out our page about the visa for Tanzania. Also, feel free to check out our visit Tanzania section here too.

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