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UAE Visa for Indians

UAE Visa for Indians

Imagine enjoying a holiday in the Emirates; this may seem like an easy picture to conjure up, but it is one that has been virtually impossible for any Indian traveller to do, due to the laws surrounding visas. Now there has been a change in the law and it is possible to get a UAE Visa on Arrival (VoA) if you have a Green Card or US Visa, or if you hold a UK or EU Residence Permit.

If you are planning to go to Ajman, Abu Dhabi or another one of the Emirates, it is important that you get the right documentation in place before you leave and that includes gathering all the proof and paperwork to get a VoA. If you need some help to work out what you need, then read on to find out more.

The information provided has been collated by Byevisa, and we take pride in knowing everything there is to know about travel documentation for every country in the world. Our advice helps you get to your destination in the easiest way possible, so that you can enjoy a country that was once closed off to you. If you hold another nationality, you can learn about the UAE visitor eVisa on our dedicated page too.

Application Process for UAE Visa on Arrival for Indians

When it comes to getting your VoA in the Emirates, you will need to remember that the waiting time will vary depending on where you are in the queue and how many other flights are disembarking at the same time. To get a VoA, you need to remember the following:

  • The visa you are issued expires after 14 days unless you apply to renew it.
  • If you apply for a renewal, you can only do this once and you will only be granted 14 more days in the country.

It is important to make sure that you leave the country before your visa expires, as you run the risk of being imprisoned or banned for life if you overstay your welcome. However, the process to renew is simple and most tourists report finding it easy to manage this during their stay.

UAE Visa Requirements for Indians – VoA

When it comes to producing the right documentation on arrival to the Emirates, you need to make sure you have the following information to hand:

  • An Indian passport with a US Visa or Green Card, or a UK or EU Residence Permit.
  • A colour passport photo taken against a neutral background.
  • A coloured photocopy of your passport information pages that detail your personal information.
  • 2 empty pages at the back of your passport.
  • Proof of flights in and out of the UAE that cover your entry and exit dates.
  • Proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay.
  • At least 6 months validity on your passport from the time of your departure from the country.

If you are travelling with minors under 18 years of age you also need to provide for each of them the following additional information:

  • A colour passport photo taken against a neutral background.
  • A colour copy of their passport personal details.
  • A copy of their birth certificate in English or in Arabic. Please note that if you need to have the certificate translated, you need to get the front page attested to prove its validity.

It is important to remember that this process must be undertaken for every person travelling in your party, as you are not all covered under one person’s visa.

UAE Visa Fees for Indians

As with most countries, the Emirates charge tourists to enter the country and will not let you through the gates unless you provide the right paperwork and the right fee when asked at the VoA desk.

The current fee stands at 1750 Indian Rupees or 100 Dirham. If you want to extend your visa, you need to pay a further 4365 Indian Rupees or 250 Dirham to do so. Renewing your visa can be done at the nearest ticketing office and won’t take too long to complete. Remember that renewals need to be completed for the whole party, not just the lead passenger.

UAE Visa for Indians FAQ

If you are excited about the new possibilities to visit the UAE as an Indian citizen, then have a read of the information below to help quell any fears you may have. If you cannot find the answer you were looking for, then contact us as we would be happy to help you.

Can Indians Travel to the UAE?

Yes, Indians are very welcome to travel to the UAE. A flight from India to the UAE only takes a maximum of 4 hours, depending on which Indian airport you start your journey with. This method of travel offers a non-stop service so that you can arrive in good time, ready to make the most of your stay.

How Many Indians Live in the UAE?

There are currently over 2 million Indians living in the UAE and this is mainly due to the development of strong working links between the 2 countries. The Indians that have made the country their home tend to do so due to career opportunities. This number is set to grow as the relationship grows and deepens.

Where is the India Consulate in the UAE?

If you need to access the India Consulate in the UAE, you can find one in Dubai, with people ready to help you if you have any problems. The address is as follows:

4 8th St,
United Arab Emirates

If you want to call the Consulate, you can ring either +9714 3971222 or +9714 3971333 to be connected to someone that can help you.

More Information About the UAE Visa

After reading this you may want to get more information or speak to an expert at Byevisa’s service. You can do this by clicking here where you will find all the relevant details about visiting the UAE.

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