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Vietnam Visa From New Zealand

Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Citizens

New Zealand citizens who are looking for a wonderful holiday destination often choose Vietnam thanks to its fascinating culture and stunning scenery. If you’re going to this lovely Southeast Asian country, though, you need to ensure you’ve done your research to find out whether or not you need a Vietnam visa for New Zealand citizens.

Byevisa are your partners when it comes to finding the information you need about travel authorisations. Read on to learn more about whether or not you have to make an application for a travel document before setting off on your trip.

Do I Need a Visa for Vietnam From New Zealand?

If you’re from New Zealand and want to visit Vietnam, you can obtain an eVisa before you set off on your trip. This program was launched in 2017, simplifying the process of gaining entrance to the country.

The good news is that it’s very simple to make an application thanks to Byevisa’s convenient online portal. The document you receive via email must then be presented both when boarding a flight and then when you arrive in the country to legally gain entry.

How Do I Get a Visa for Vietnam From New Zealand?

To obtain your travel authorisation, the first step is to enter your details into the Byevisa online application portal. Simply upload the documents that are required, choose the speed at which you want to receive your authorisation and then pay the required fee.

You then receive your document via email to your specified address. Print out the document and take it with you on your trip ready to show the immigration authorities.

What Are the Visa Requirements for Vietnam for New Zealand Citizens?

When applying for any type of travel authorisation there are certain requirements that must be met in order to obtain the necessary document to allow you to legally enter the country. For this authorisation you must supply:

  • A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity remaining after your arrival date in the country.
  • A digital passport image.
  • A digital scan of your passport’s bio page.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa to Vietnam From New Zealand?

When you choose Byevisa as your travel authorisation application service, you can choose the speed at which you receive your document:

  • We offer you Standard processing to get your document in 5 working days.
  • We also offer Rapid processing which ensures you receive your paperwork in 4 working days.
  • Highly Rapid processing gets your eVisa to you in just 3 working days.

You can select the speed that best suits your needs, pay the required fee and you receive your document via your supplied email address.

What Is the Vietnam Visa Cost for New Zealand Citizens?

The cost of a Single Entry authorisation is 25 USD. Byevisa also charge an additional fee for processing the paperwork on your behalf.

How Long Can I Stay in the Country With a New Zealand Vietnam Visa?

When you obtain your eVisa through Byevisa you are permitted to remain in the country for a period of 30 days. It remains valid for a total of 30 days from the proposed date of entry. It is a Single Entry document that allows you to enter the country only once.

Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Citizens FAQs

With any luck, you now have sufficient information to enable you to make your application for your eVisa through our online portal to enable you to enter the country on holiday. However, should you need answers to any more queries, read on to find some more commonly asked questions.

Are There Direct Flights to Vietnam From New Zealand?

Although Vietnam is a popular destination for travellers from New Zealand there are no direct flights to this destination. Therefore, you need to travel via another country.

Major airlines offer flights from important New Zealand cities to Vietnam via Singapore, Hong Kong or Taipei, with a flight time of approximately 12 hours.

How to Call Vietnam From New Zealand

You may need to call a hotel or travel operator in Vietnam, so you’ll need to know how to place a call from New Zealand. Simply follow this procedure:

  • Dial 00 – this is the exit code to make an international telephone call from New Zealand.
  • Dial 84 – this is the country code for Vietnam.
  • Dial the area code (there are 62 Vietnamese area codes, so ensure you have the correct one).
  • Dial the number you wish to contact.

Following these steps connects you to the number that you need to contact.

Is Vietnam Safe for Travellers From New Zealand?

If you’re travelling on a Vietnamese holiday you may have concerns about your safety; however, there is no cause for undue concern.

Rest assured that very few holidaymakers experience problems when they’re visiting this popular Southeast Asian destination. Nevertheless, it’s still wise to take precautions when travelling anywhere overseas.

Remember to be vigilant if out and about in crowded areas in case of pickpocketing and make sure to avoid flaunting valuables while in public. Also, take care when you’re on the roads since they can be poorly maintained. You should avoid riding scooters or motorcycles.

Follow this sensible advice and you are sure to enjoy a fun and safe holiday in this stunning destination.

More Information About How to Get a Visa for Vietnam

We have now given you plenty of information about how to obtain a Vietnam visa online for New Zealand citizens. However, we know that sometimes you require further guidance and advice about how to get started with planning and making your application.

Byevisa are here to offer you all the assistance you need to make arranging your travel authorisation a breeze, so see our Vietnamese visas page here and our visit Vietnam page here to learn more about the various authorisations that are available.

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