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Iceland Visa From Canada

Iceland Visa for Canadians

When it comes to organising your trip to Iceland from Canada, you are likely to be keen to find out if you need a visa or not. To help, Byevisa is here with all the most up-to-date information so that you can plan with ease.

Here you will find information on the visa to Iceland from Canada, costs, entry requirements and the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Once you have read our comprehensive information, you should be more excited about your trip than ever before!

Do Canadian Citizens Need a Visa for Iceland?

If you are wondering ‘Do I need a visa to visit Iceland from Canada?’ then you should be pleased to find out that you do not. In fact, you can travel to Iceland from Canada for up to 90 days over a 180-day period. The reason for this is that Iceland is part of the Schengen Area, and Canadians are given visa-free access.

Your 90-day stay does not have to be taken in one go, and you can use it to visit more than one Schengen country if you would like to.

If your trip is due to take place from late 2022 onwards, then there is a new system coming into place that allows the Schengen countries to track who enters from visa-free countries. The system is called ETIAS, and while it comes into force in 2022, it does not become mandatory until 2023. Canadian tourists will need to apply for this before travelling once it has been introduced.

Iceland Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

Even though you do not need a visa to Iceland from Canada, you must adhere to some specific requirements when you enter the country. The current requirements are listed below for your information:

  • Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the date you depart Iceland.
  • You should have at least 1 blank page in your passport for your Schengen entry stamp.
  • Byevisa also recommends that you take proof of onward travel and accommodation to show immigration officials if they request it.

Cost of a Visa for Iceland From Canada

As there is no Canada to Iceland visa, you are not required to pay any fees before you travel. Nor do you need to pay anything on arrival, so you do not need to factor this into your vacation budget.

Your Questions Answered

When you are planning Iceland vacations from Canada, you are bound to have other questions beyond visa arrangements. We have collated the most commonly asked questions and found the most accurate answers so that you can plan with less stress than ever before.

How Can I Call Iceland from Canada?

Calling Iceland from Canada is pretty straightforward as long as you know the international exit code and the country code. To make your call, you need to:

  • Dial 011 – the international exit code.
  • Followed by dialling 354 – the country code.
  • Then the number you want to connect with (these are typically 7 digits in length unless they start with a 3 and then these are 9 digits long).

What is the Best Way to Travel to This Country?

The majority of people fly into this destination and the Canada to Iceland flight time average is around 5 and a quarter hours if you fly from Toronto direct to Reykjavik.

However, you may choose to enjoy a leisurely journey and opt for an Iceland cruise from Canada instead. There are many cruise operators that offer this journey, and it gives you plenty of time to relax and unwind before stopping off to enjoy what this country has to offer.

How Good is the Healthcare System in this Country?

You are in safe hands when it comes to medical care in Iceland as the facilities and staff all work to the highest standards. However, if you are in a more remote area, you may find that access to healthcare is more limited than in urban areas.

It is wise to arrange comprehensive healthcare cover so that you can get any treatment you need if the need arises during your stay. Make sure that your insurance covers full evacuation should that be deemed necessary at any point.

What Do I Do When Crossing Into Another Schengen Country?

If you choose to visit another Schengen country during your trip, you must show your passport to the immigration officials so that they can check the date of your entry stamp. You can be granted access as long as you have not used up your 90 days of visa-free entry and you can then pass through border control to enjoy your next destination.

Can I Enjoy Adventure Activities as Part of My Trip?

It is common for tourists to want to enjoy trekking as part of their vacation, and there are many companies that offer this experience. Make sure that you hire a guide that has the right experience to take you on the trek and that you are well and fit enough to handle the journey.

Trekking in this country is not for the faint-hearted, and you should not ever try something that you are not in the best condition to do. Do your research before you head out, get hold of maps and let loved ones know the route you are taking and the timescale of your adventure.

It is also sensible to make sure that your travel insurance covers the cost of rescue should the worst happen. By taking these precautions, you are putting yourself in a much better position as safety must always come first.

Further Information for Tourists to Iceland

If you want more information on travelling to this fascinating country, then click here to be taken to the visit Iceland page. You can look through all the up-to-date information and find resources to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime!

You can also learn more about the ETIAS authorisation Canadians will need starting in 2022/3.

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