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Indonesia Visa for US Citizens

Indonesia Visa for US Citizens

If you’re planning to head to one of Indonesia’s popular tourist resorts like Bali as an American citizen, you need to be sure that you’ve taken the time to research whether or not you require an Indonesia visa for US citizens to permit you entry into the country.

Without the right paperwork, you’ll be refused entrance. Here at Byevisa, we give you the vital information you require about the Indonesia tourist visa for US citizens so you can be well-prepared for your trip.

Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Indonesia?

If you’re an American citizen who is heading on an Indonesian holiday for less than 30 days you do not need to obtain any travel authorisations. You are, instead, given a Visa Exemption stamp when you arrive.

If you are staying for longer than this period of time, you need to obtain a Visa on Arrival (VoA) which first allows you to enter the country for up to 30 days, but then permits another 30 days in the country if the permit is extended, giving you a total of 60 days in the country.

What Is the Indonesia Visa Cost for US Citizens?

The cost of your Indonesian travel authorisation varies depending on the type of authorisation you require. The Exemption stamp costs you nothing as it is free to obtain at the airport on your arrival.

The Indonesia Visa on Arrival for US citizens costs you 35.00 USD. If you then wish to extend the validity of the VoA for a further 30 days, for 60 days in total, you need to pay the Indonesian authorities an additional fee of 61.50 USD.

How to Get an Indonesia Visa for US Citizens

If you are visiting the country as a tourist from America for a holiday of fewer than 30 days, you can obtain a Visa Exemption stamp in your passport when you arrive in the country. You can obtain this at immigration at your arrival airport.

If you need to obtain an Indonesian VoA, you can again do this when you get to the airport when you go through the arrivals and immigration hall. You can then extend this document at the Immigration Office for up to 60 days in total after you arrive in the country.

Is There an Indonesia Visa Application for US Citizens?

Whether you are getting an Exemption Stamp for the 30-day tourist visit or whether you are obtaining the VoA, there is no application form required for American citizens.

What Are the Indonesia Visa Requirements for US Citizens?

Americans obtaining the Exemption stamp or the VoA only require a valid American passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity remaining on the date of arrival in the country. There must also be a blank page remaining in the passport to receive the required stamp.

How Long is the Visa for US Citizens Visiting Indonesia Valid For?

The Exemption Stamp for American tourists remains valid for a period of 30 days after the stamp is received. This cannot be extended. If you obtain the VoA, you first have 30 days of validity from the date the document is issued, and then this can be extended for a further 30 days to give you a total of 60 days to remain in the country.

Indonesia Tourist Visa for US Citizens FAQs

Hopefully, you now understand more about what kind of travel permit you require if travelling to Indonesia as an American traveller. However, sometimes, we understand you have more questions, so read on to learn more.

Is There an Electronic Visa Needed for Indonesia for US Citizens?

Americans citizens do not have the option of obtaining an eVisa when travelling on an Indonesian holiday. Therefore, you must obtain your travel authorisation when you arrive in the country, either in the form of an Exemption stamp or a Visa on Arrival.

What Is the Visa for US Citizens Visiting Indonesia in Transit?

If you are simply transiting through an Indonesian airport on your way to another destination, the good news is that you won’t need to obtain any kind of travel authorisation so long as you don’t leave the airport.

If you do intend to visit the area outside the airport, you need to obtain the Exemption stamp at immigration to permit you to enter the country legally.

Is Indonesia Safe for American Travellers?

In general, Indonesia is a safe place for American tourists to visit. Of course, you need to take care when you are visiting popular tourist sites and resorts since pickpockets are likely to target these areas looking for easy pickings.

You should wear a money belt and avoid using cash in such destinations whenever possible. As long as you ensure you take sensible precautions to keep yourself and your valuables safe, you should experience no difficulties at all.

Is There an Extended Visa for Indonesia for US Citizens?

If you are visiting Indonesia as an American tourist under the Exemption stamp, you will not be able to extend your travel authorisation. You are only permitted to enter the country for a maximum of 30 days under this type of entry permit.

If you obtain the VoA, you are first granted a 30-day entry into the country. You are then permitted to extend that permit to allow you to stay in the country for another 30 days, which gives you a total of 60 days in the country before having to return home.

More Answers About the Indonesia Visa for US Citizens

Hopefully, we have now given you all the details you need to enable you to enter Indonesia as an American tourist. However, we know that you sometimes need more information, advice and guidance.

Therefore, we also have this page dedicated to visiting Indonesia too. Here, you’ll find even more detail that will help you to prepare for your upcoming trip.

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