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Bali Visa for UK Citizens

Bali visa for UK citizens

Finding the most beautiful holiday location is hard, especially when there are so many destinations that fit the bill! If you are heading off to Bali on holiday, then you also need to secure the right paperwork, and that can be as hard as deciding the destination if you are not sure what you are doing.

Indonesia remains a dream destination for many tourists, and the island of Bali is just waiting to offer you the magnificence of the rainforest right next to the paradise beaches you see on TV adverts. You can spend your time visiting temples, hiking in the mountains, surfing and even getting to know the monkey population that seems to be everywhere you go!

The good news is that Byevisa is here to help you get everything prepared as a leading authority on travel documentation. If you have decided that Bali is your dream location, then you now need to find out if you need a visa for Bali from the UK. Take some time to read our guide to find out exactly what you need to organise before you head off on your holiday.

Do You Need A Visa for Bali From the UK?

If you are asking the question ‘Do I need a visa for Bali from the UK?’ then you will be pleased to know that you do not need to get a visa if your trip is less than 30 days in length. This exemption allows tourists from all around the world to visit this beautiful location with minimal hassle.

Bali Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

Although you do not require a tourist visa for Bali from the UK, you still need to adhere to the requirements put in place by the Indonesian Immigration Department. These requirements are as follows:

  • Your 30 days must include your entry date and exit date.
  • Your passport must have a minimum of 6 months’ validity from the date you exit the island.
  • You must prove your onward travel arrangements through tickets or reservations.
  • If you are staying in private accommodation (such as with friends or family), then you are expected to register with the police. If you are staying in a hotel, this registration will be completed for you.
  • If you have medication that you need to take when you are away, then you must take a copy of the prescription with you as evidence of need.

When it comes to leaving the island, if you fail to do so before the 30 days has expired, then you risk being fined 1 million Indonesian rupiah. Making sure that your entry and exit days are within the 30-day period will stop you from overstaying your allotted time.

Bali Visa for UK Citizens – Fees

As you do not require a visa, you are not expected to pay anything prior to your arrival nor on arrival. When you leave the island, you will be required to pay a departure tax, and while this is typically included in your flight cost, it is important to check with your airline whether you need to cover this fee or not. The current departure tax cost is 200,000 Indonesian rupiah, which must be paid in cash.

Your Questions Answered

We understand that you may have other questions that need to be answered before you are able to travel on holiday. To help, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. We hope these answers help you to plan the holiday of a lifetime.

Can I Stay in Bali Longer Than 30 Days?

Yes, you can apply for a Bali visa from the UK if you want to stay for more than the 30-day visa-free period. However, you cannot extend your 30-day visa waiver and will need to apply in advance or obtain a Visa on Arrival (VoA).

To be given permission to stay for up to 60 days, you will need to pay 61 USD for your application to be processed. This fee is due at the airport or at the embassy (whichever you apply at).

If you apply before you travel, you can extend your visa up to 5 times by applying at the Immigration office. If you apply for a VoA, you will be able to apply for an extension only once. Extensions give you a further 30 days in the country.

Is It Safe To Visit This Island for British Tourists?

When you travel abroad there is a range of precautions you should take to ensure your safety at all times. While this island is generally safe for British tourists you should follow this advice to stay safe at all times:

  • Keep your valuables sorted safely away from pickpockets and bag snatchers, particularly in tourist hotspots.
  • Only use reputable taxi firms for travelling around and do not be afraid to ask your hotel to book one for you.
  • Keep your drinks in your sight at all times to avoid having it spiked. It is also sensible to refuse drinks from strangers unless you have seen them being poured from the bar.

Do I Need A Transit Visa for This Island?

As a British citizen, you can transit without any extra authorisation, and so a transit visa is not required. This is because you are permitted to enter the country without a visa for 30 days. However, if you want to leave the airport between flights, you will need to adhere to the entry requirements as listed above.

Do I Need To Use A Tour Guide for My Trip?

It is a good idea to use a tour guide when you are heading off to this destination for sporting or adventure as they can help you if you need to speak to the authorities when you are there. If you are spending longer in this country or are backpacking, then you should take precautions such as sharing your itinerary with friends and family and agreeing on check-in dates and times so that you can get help if and when you need it.

What Visa Requirements for Brits Are There Elsewhere in the World?

If you’re travelling both to Indonesia as well as other destinations, you’ll want to know the entry regulations for every country you’re visiting. This is to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. To guide you, then, check the following page on visa requirements for UK citizens for all the information you need!

More Information On Travelling To This Destination

If you want any more information on visiting Indonesia, then click here to be taken to our page where you will find a wealth of information that will help you to organise every detail of your holiday. You can also check out our Indonesian travel visas page if you hold a nationality other than British.

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