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Kenya Visa for UK Citizens

Kenya Visa for UK Citizens

If you are heading off on holiday, then you will be in the midst of planning everything, including the paperwork you need to pass through immigration when you arrive. Byevisa is an expert company that provides support and information to tourists, so that you get the right paperwork organised every time you head off on holiday.

Kenya is an excellent choice for tourists that want to see nature in action! Visiting Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru are bound to be on your list along with going on safari. Whatever inspires you to head to this country, you are sure to have an amazing time and make memories that will last forever.

However, before you can set off, you need to get a visa for Kenya from the UK, and this process can be arduous unless you have some help. Byevisa is the perfect choice, and you can apply for your visa to Kenya from the UK online in just a few easy steps. Read our guide now and then start your application.

Do I Need a Kenya Visa for UK Citizens?

As a UK citizen, you need to apply for travel authorisation to enter this country. Luckily, there is a Kenya e-Visa for UK tourists, and you can apply directly for it through the Byevisa website. This electronic system came into force in 2015 and allows you to apply for a 90-day visa to cover the length of your trip.

Completing A Kenya Visa Application Form – UK Tourists

When you choose to apply for your documentation through the Byevisa website, you need to input the following information to begin the application process:

  • Your current email address that we can send your eVisa to.
  • Your holiday entry and exit dates.
  • The best contact number to reach you on.
  • Your first, middle and last name.
  • Your gender and date of birth.
  • Your nationality and place of birth.
  • Your current country of residence.
  • Your passport number, issue, and expiry date.
  • Your port of entry.

As part of the application, you also need to upload the following documentation as proof of your identity:

  • A scan of your passport personal information page.
  • A copy of your accommodation reservations.
  • A passport photo, 207 pixels in height and width. Your photo also needs to be taken against a white background and be a close up of your face (with your face taking up at least 70% of the frame). You cannot wear any accessories unless it is for religious reasons.
  • Your itinerary for your trip.

Kenya Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

Once you have been issued with your eVisa, you need to adhere to the Kenyan Immigration requirements to be allowed to pass through border control. These requirements are as follows:

  • You must hold a passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity left on it.
  • You need a printed copy of your e-Visa to show to the officials (it is also wise to carry this with you when you are in the country to show that you have permission to travel as a tourist).
  • You need a copy of your reservations for accommodation and travel as well as your travel itinerary.
  • If you are visiting family or friends, you need to supply a Letter of Invitation that explains where you will be staying and for how long.

Kenya Visa Cost – UK Tourists

The current cost for a Kenya visa application for UK tourists is 53 USD plus a processing fee that is payable to Byevisa. This is paid when you submit your application.

The current processing speeds that Byevisa offer are listed below, meaning that you can organise your paperwork through our website no matter how soon you need it:

  • Standard Processing – 5 business days for 35 USD
  • Rapid Processing – 2 business days for 65 USD
  • Highly Rapid Processing – 2 hours for 100 USD

Commonly Asked Questions for Tourists

Now you know what you need to do to get your Kenya visa online for UK tourists, you may be interested in finding out the answers to other questions related to your journey. Check out these questions and answers below.

Is It True That Under 16s Do Not Need A Visa?

In February 2016, the Kenyan government announced that under 16s are not required to have a visa to enter the country as long as you provide their passport, accommodation reservations, and travel reservations to immigration officials.

How Long Is the Flight To Kenya From the UK?

When you fly into the country from Britain, you can expect to be in the air for just over 8 and a half hours. Interestingly, this is around 4,200 miles of travel to get you to your destination.

In the UK there are 5 airports that will transport you to Kenya (including London Heathrow and London Gatwick). There is only one international airport in Kenya: Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta.

Can I Opt for A Visa On Arrival (VoA) Instead Of An Electronic Authorisation?

In 2015, the Kenyan government ceased issuing VoAs in favour of their new electronic system. This means that the only way you can get your documentation authorised for entry into this country is through the electronic application system.

Do I Need Travel Health Insurance When I Travel To This Country?

It is wise to organise travel insurance when you head off on holiday, as it means you can be confident that you can get the help you need in an emergency.

It’s also a good idea to head to the largest hospital in the area if you are unwell, as the doctors there will be used to treating a wide variety of international patients.

More Information for UK Tourists to Kenya

If you need to arrange your travel documentation, then visit our main page about Kenya’s tourist visa. We are sure that you will find the process simple and straightforward, so you can dedicate more time to planning your amazing holiday! Also, feel free to read our visit Kenya section here too.

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