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Guide to Singapore’s Country Codes and Area Codes

Singapore's Country Codes and Area Codes

Are you visiting the Lion City in the foreseeable future? If so, it will help you to know the various Singapore country and area codes, from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) codes, to the international and local phone conventions, to the ZIP / postal system. Find out more below!

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What Is Singapore’s ISO Country Code?

Every nation in the world is allocated one of these by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This is known as an ISO code. The official one for Singapore is 3166-2:SG.

For Singapore, this code often shortened to SGP or just SG. You will typically notice that this is used when any discussion is made of finance in the region. The official currency of this country is the Singapore dollar.

To differentiate between currencies in the USA, Canada, Australia and countless other countries that use dollars as their national currency, references to the price of goods and services in Singapore will often be listed as SGD, or simply SG$.

What Are Singapore’s Country and City Codes?

As we say above, the country code assigned by the International Organization for Standardization is 3166-2:SG. This is often simplified as SG or SGP.

Cities are not assigned these, whether for placing telephone calls or by the ISO. However, the country is divided into 5 separate ISO codes based on the cardinal location of the city in Singapore. These are:

  • SG-01 – Central
  • SG-02 – North East
  • SG-03 – North West
  • SG-04 – South East
  • SG-05 – South West

These ISO identities are rarely used in everyday correspondence. As you will see later, for example, they have no bearing on zip codes in Singapore.

What Is Singapore’s 2-Letter Country Code and Why?

The 2-digit one for Singapore is SG. This is also the national online domain of Singapore, with all local website addresses ending with .sg.

Do not make the mistake of using SI for Singapore. This 2-digit code is actually assigned to Slovenia.

What is Singapore’s 3-Letter Country Code and Why?

The country has a 3-digit shorthand, SGP. This is known as an Alpha-3 code, with the Alpha-2 variety being the aforementioned SG. The addition of the P is simply an extra layer of identification.

What Are Singapore’s Country and Area Code for Phones?

The country dialling code when placing a telephone call to Singapore is +65. If you were dialling Singapore from the UK, you would dial 0065, then the remainder of the telephone number. All telephone numbers in Singapore are 8 further digits in length.

As this is a small country, covering just 728 km² and boasting a population of under 6 million people, the nation does not have strict area codes assigned by territory. However, some areas follow a pre-determined pattern for the first 3 digits of their telephone number. These are:

  • Ang Mo Kio – 645
  • Ayer Rajah – 676
  • Bedok – 644
  • City of Singapore – 653
  • Geylang – 673
  • Jurong West – 678
  • Northern Singapore – 635
  • Sembawang – 675
  • Tampines – 677

Most business telephone numbers begin with 3, while the telephone number of a private residence will usually begin with 6. So, if you were to dial a residence in the City of Singapore, the number could be +65 6531 9873, for example.

There are 3 main telecom providers in the country who are regulated by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), an authorised government body. Like most countries, competition between the various telecoms suppliers is rife, so if you intend to move here for work or private reasons, do your homework and choose the supplier with the best deal.

If you are considering a home phone (i.e. you do not always use a mobile), there are very similar packages available that will include broadband, satellite and mobile facilities, as well as an actual landline and equipment.

Landlines generally are quite efficient and come in 2 versions – an actual copper wire line or an internet connection. Most people opt for the internet connection, but you need to check the area you are living in.

When choosing your supplier, you would be well advised to try the top 3 companies first. These are:

  • Starhub
  • SingTel
  • M1

Try these companies initially, then you can move on to some of the others (there are around 10 reliable suppliers in total) if need be.

Whilst on the topic of phone availability, always take some ‘change’ with you when you are out on your daily travels. In the event that your mobile is not working and you need to use a payphone, some public facilities will only take cash, whilst others will require a phone card. You can buy phone cards in retail outlets and phone shops throughout the nation.

What Is Singapore’s International Country Phone Code?

For Singapore, it is +65. This must be dialled before attempting to connect to a telephone line in the country. This is the same if you are connecting to a landline, a cell phone or a toll-free number.

What Is Singapore’s Country Mobile Code?

Mobile phone numbers in Singapore are 8 digits long, just like landline numbers. They always begin with 8 or 9, so a sample number for a cell phone could be 8765 4321. If dialling from overseas, the prefix +65 must still be used.

What Is Singapore’s Country Exit Code?

The exit code when dialling internationally is 001. This must be dialled before entering an international phone number.

What Is Singapore’s Toll-Free Number Code?

The so-called Lion City has 3 prefixes for toll-free numbers:

  • A standard toll-free telephone number begins with +010 or +049.
  • A low-volume toll-free telephone number begins with +013.

Anybody dialling these numbers from outside the country will still need to use the +65 prefix to gain access to a telephone number in the country.

What Is the Country ZIP/Postal Code of Singapore?

Postal codes have 6 digits. These are assigned by Singapore Post Limited, also known as SingPost.

The nation is divided into 28 different postal districts. These postal districts then have between 1 and 6 postal sectors, depending on the size of the district, varying in number from 01 to 82. This postal sector always makes up the first 2 digits of a postal code. The remaining 4 relate to the delivery point, which is typically a home or business address.

These are divided up as follows:

Postal District
Postal Sectors
01 01 – 06
02 07 – 08
03 14 – 16
04 09 – 10
05 11 – 13
06 17
07 17 – 19
08 20 – 21
09 22 – 23
10 24 – 27
11 28 – 30
12 31 – 33
13 34 – 37
14 38 – 41
15 42 – 45
16 46 – 48
17 49, 50 and 81
18 51 – 52
19 53 – 55 and 82
20 56 – 57
21 58 – 59
22 60 – 64
23 65 – 68
24 69 – 71
25 72 – 73
26 77 – 78
27 75 – 76
28 79 – 80

These postal sectors can help you identify an area. For example, an address with the postal code 569873 will be an address in Ang Mo Kio. 56 is the postal sector for Ang Mo Kio, while 9873 will be the delivery point assigned to a particular address by SingPost.

This may seem a bit of a challenge seeing so many numbers here, but in reality, it is quite simple when you are there! In brief, we hope you have a fab time in the Lion City. To find out more, check our Visit Singapore page.

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