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Take a Trip to Toronto – Canada’s Answer to the Big Smoke

    When you imagine the most cosmopolitan city in the world you might think of New York or London. Perhaps Toronto isn’t on the tip of your tongue. But it should be! And we will tell you why in this post.

    Discover below our infographic dedicated to Canada’s largest and most multicultural city.

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    What makes Toronto special?

    Canada has 2 official languages and in the city of Toronto alone, over 180 languages and dialects are spoken. Around 50% of the population identifies as a visible minority.

    Diversity also characterises the city’s cuisine. Whether you’re into your Asian fusion fare or your fish tacos, you’re certain to find something that hits the spot. 

    Cultural institutions, Toronto has a plenty. From the Royal Ontario Museum with its more than 13 million artworks to the historic distillery district.

    Throw into the mix the exciting program of year-round cultural events. We’re talking Jazz festivals, International Film festivals and food festivals, you’ll find culture on every corner.

    Toronto is a city that surprises. From book vending machines to dinosaur skeletons, there is always something different to delight visitors. 

    Then there’s its eclectic range of impressive buildings. Toronto is home to a Hindu temple, a Gothic castle plonked in the centre and, of course, one of the world’s tallest buildings!

    What is Toronto known for?

    Toronto has gifted the world with many talented people who excel in their respective fields.

    • Jim Carrey
    • Margaret Attwood
    • Drake (Rapper Drake refers to his hometown as the 6 – his 2016 album was titled ‘Views From the 6’) 

    The CN Tower

    This 1,815-foot tower is an iconic part of the Toronto skyline. Until 2007 it held the title of the world’s tallest free-standing structure and today it remains the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere.

    You can whizz to the top of the tower in 58 seconds and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views. On a clear day, you can even see Niagara Falls and New York State through your binoculars. Each year the CN Tower hosts 2 fundraising stair climbs that raise millions of dollars for charity. 

    Travelling to Toronto

    Toronto attracts visitors from Canada and from all over the world. Over 43 million tourists if you’re counting. 

    If you’re coming from abroad, you may require the eTA travel pass which you can find out about here. 

    You’ll likely fly into Toronto Pearson Airport, the country’s busiest airport. This transport hub is named after Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Lester B. Pearson, the fourteenth Prime Minister of Canada.

    Once you land and begin exploring, you’ll discover that Toronto is an incredibly walkable city, good to explore on foot. And the friendly locals will always be happy to point you in the right direction if you get lost!

    As well as being a cool, cosmopolitan city in its own right with loads to see, Toronto is also a great base to explore other bucket list sites. A 90-minute drive around Lake Ontario will get you to one of the planet’s most famous waterfalls, Niagara Falls. And near there, you can find one of Canada’s oldest watering holes

    If road-tripping to a winery sounds like your idea of heaven, you’re in luck. There are plenty of charming towns just outside of Toronto waiting for you to discover them too.

    Toronto the tech paradise 

    Toronto also attracts top talent from across the globe and the city is home to well-established tech and finance industries.

    Forget about Silicon Valley! Since 2013, Toronto has added more tech jobs than any other place in North America. The number of jobs in this area in the city has skyrocketed to 228,000 (a 54% increase). 

    Yet again Toronto is characterised by its diversity when it comes to work. 40% of workers in Canada’s tech space are immigrants.

    Many tech startups prefer Canada’s Toronto to the US! The country is making it increasingly easier for talented techies to get a visa.

    For film fanatics, Toronto is North America’s third-largest venue for movie production. There are over 25,000 jobs in feature film production. It actually shares the nickname ‘Hollywood North’ with Vancouver in the Western part of the country.

    The headquarters of the top 5 banks of Canada are located here along with various key industries. The Toronto Stock Exchange is the world’s seventh-largest stock exchange.

    With lots of money being pumped into the city and million-dollar companies and movies coming out of it, you can see why it is drawing in ambitious professionals keen to make their mark. 

    Relocating to Toronto 

    It may be the fourth most populous city in North America, however, Toronto is also one of the world’s most livable cities. It has plenty of green space with over 1,500 parks including Urban Oasis High Park. 

    The historically low crime rate has also earned it a reputation as one of the safest cities in North America. An important factor for those considering relocating here.

    Whether you’ve been meaning to visit here for a while or you haven’t considered paying a trip to this Canadian metropolis, Toronto deserves a spot on your travel bucket list! With great food, entertainment and sport, it has something for all types of travellers. If variety is the spice of life for you, set your sights on Toronto! Many liken it to a more compact, friendlier version of New York. 

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