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Ukraine Visa for UK Citizens

Ukraine visa for UK citizens

Ukraine is a fascinating and culturally interesting destination for UK travellers. However, if you’re planning a visit to this Eastern European country, you need to know whether or not you require any type of travel permit or authorisation to enable you to legally enter the country. If you don’t do your research before travelling overseas, you could find that you are refused entry at the border when you arrive at your destination.

Byevisa is here to make the process of learning more a little easier. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the documentation you need to travel to Ukraine from the UK so that your trip can run smoothly and without any hassles.

Do You Need a Visa for Ukraine From the UK?

Most British citizens are able to enter Ukraine with no need to apply in advance for a travel authorisation. If you’re only planning to visit for a period of up to 90 days in any 180-day period, you don’t need any kind of permit to enter the country. The Ukrainian government have confirmed this policy still applies to UK citizens until 30th January 2021, although it is currently unclear as to whether it will still be applicable after this time.

Any British citizen who wants to remain in the country for periods longer than 90 days within any 180-day period must apply in advance for a visa. If you hold another nationality, find out on our dedicated page if you require a Ukraine eVisa.

What Are the UK Visa Fees For Ukraine?

As a British citizen, you are permitted to enter the country for periods of up to 90 days with no travel authorisation needed. You therefore don’t need to pay any fee. If you require a visa for a longer stay, or if you are a UK resident who is not a British citizen and who is not eligible for visa-exempt entry, Ukraine’s embassies and consulates charge a basic visa fee of 65 USD for regular services.

How to Get a Ukraine Visa in the UK

If you’re a British citizen who will only be travelling to Ukraine for a period of 90 days or less, the good news is that you don’t need to obtain an eVisa or travel permit before your trip. You can simply head off on holiday without applying for authorisation and be granted entry without difficulty using only your standard British passport and the requirements listed in the next section.

If you are a UK passport holder planning to stay in Ukraine for longer than 3 months, you must apply for your visa through an embassy or consulate. However, there are only certain purposes that UK citizens are permitted to enter the country for longer than this period of time for, and none include tourism. It’s therefore important to check in plenty of time with the Ukrainian Embassy to determine whether or not you can travel legally in the country for your required purpose and obtain the necessary paperwork in advance of your trip.

What Are the Ukraine Visa Requirements for UK Citizens?

When you enter the country as a UK citizen, you have to meet certain requirements. Although you do not need a visa to stay up to 90 days, you are required to do the following when you arrive:

  • Provide evidence you’ve got enough money to support you throughout the entire length of your stay in the country. You must provide proof in the form of cash, bank statements, bank cards, or a letter from a company or individual in the country stating they’ll be covering your costs.
  • Provide accommodation bookings or tourist vouchers.
  • Provide a valid onward or return travel ticket out of the country.
  • Have a British passport that remains valid for the entire duration of your stay in the country. There is no requirement for any additional validity beyond the final day of your trip.

How Long is a Ukraine Tourist Visa for UK Citizens Valid For?

If you require no travel authorisation because you are a British citizen, you will be able to enter the country for tourism for periods of up to 90 days within any 180-day period. You are not able to extend your stay in the country. You must, therefore, return home once your 90-day period has expired.

More Questions About the UK Visa for Ukraine

You now know more about whether or not you’re likely to require a travel authorisation to enter the country when you travel on your Ukrainian holiday. However, we’ve also answered a few more common questions below, so read on to find out more about this type of authorisation.

Do I Need to Give Biometric Data When I Apply For the Ukraine eVisa from the UK?

You do not need to give any biometric data to the Ukrainian immigration authorities in advance when visiting Ukraine as a UK citizen. However, on your arrival the Ukrainian authorities may scan your fingerprints, so you should be aware of this possibility.

What Is the Processing Time for the Ukraine Visa for a UK Citizen?

If you’re a British citizen, you don’t need to worry about processing times since there is no need to apply in advance for your 90-day entry to the country. You can simply enter the country using your standard passport.

Is Ukraine Safe for UK Travellers?

Most UK visitors to Ukraine have no problems at all during their trip since serious crimes against tourists are rare. You should always be alert to the possibility of petty thefts and keep your money in an inner pocket or money belt, especially if you’re in popular tourist spots, on public transport or in crowded areas.

Find Out More About Visiting Ukraine

We hope we’ve helped you and given you the information you require about Ukrainian visas and whether or not you require one for your holiday. For more information about travelling to Ukraine, click here.

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