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What Are the German Passport Visa-Free Countries?

German Passport Visa-Free Countries

If you’re a German citizen then there’s very good news for you: the internationally recognised Henley Passport Index, which measures the strength of every nation’s passport, ranks your passport as number 3 in the world in terms of the access to travel it provides! The German passport is higher on this ranking than any other European Union Member State.

This means you have a virtually unbeaten chance to get into destinations visa-free. A full list of these countries is given below, along with useful information on how long you are permitted to stay in different places.

But even with this level of travel freedom, there are of course still a lot of places that need visa paperwork to visit too. Some of these countries will accept eVisas (Electronic Visas) or Visas on Arrival (VoAs) at their ports of entry, which we explain on this page.

We’ve researched all of the different travel rules and regulations for Germans, to make organising your next trips as straightforward as possible. Read on to learn about the visa-free countries for Germany and more!

What Are the German Passport Visa-Free Countries?

In total there are 121 completely visa-free countries for Germany where you don’t have to apply for a formal entry document. The easiest to access are of course members of the European Union and associated European states, where there is complete Freedom of Movement. This means that you can go to the following 30 countries for as long as you want:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Romania Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland

In addition, here’s a list of the other 91 visa-free countries for Germany, as well as how long you can actually stay:

Visa-Free Country
Eligible to Visit for (in Months Unless Stated Otherwise)
Albania 3
Andorra 3
Antigua and Barbuda 6
Argentina 3
Armenia 6
Bahamas 3
Barbados 6
Belarus 1
Belize 1
Bolivia 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3
Botswana 3
Brazil 3
Brunei 3
Canada 6
Cabo Verde 1
Chile 3
Colombia 6
Costa Rica 3
Dominica 3
Dominican Republic 3
Ecuador 3
El Salvador 3
Eswatini 1
Fiji 4
Gambia 3
Georgia 12
Grenada 3
Guatemala 3
Guyana 3
Haiti 3
Honduras 3
Indonesia 1
Israel 3
Jamaica 3
Japan 3
Kazakhstan 1
Kiribati 3
Kosovo 3
Kyrgyzstan 2
Lesotho 2 weeks
Malaysia 3
Marshall Islands 3
Mauritius 3
Mexico 6
Micronesia 3
Moldova 3
Monaco 3
Mongolia 1
Montenegro 3
Morocco 3
Namibia 3
Nicaragua 3
North Macedonia 3
Oman 2 weeks
Palau 3
Panama 3
Paraguay 3
Peru 3
Philippines 1
Qatar 3
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3
Saint Lucia 3
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 3
Samoa 3
San Marino 3
Sao Tome & Principe 2 weeks
Senegal 3
Serbia 3
Seychelles 3
Singapore 3
Solomon Islands 3
South Africa 3
Tajikistan 1
Thailand 1
Timor-Leste 3
Tonga 3
Trinidad & Tobago 3
Tunisia 4
Turkey 3
Tuvalu 3
Ukraine 3
United Arab Emirates 3
United Kingdom 6
United States of America 3
Uruguay 3
Uzbekistan 1
Vanuatu 3
Vatican City 3
Venezuela 3
Vietnam 2 weeks

What About German Citizens Visiting Countries That Aren’t Visa-Free?

In the other 75 or so countries of the world, you still need to complete and apply for a visa to get in. Some of these still only issue visas face-to-face through embassies or consulates.

However, there is an ever-growing list of countries that allow Germans to enter via a much simpler process – either an e-Visa (Electronic Visa) or a Visa on Arrival (VoA) at the border when you arrive.

What Are the eVisa-Eligible Countries for German Citizens?

A digital e-Visa (Electronic Visa) is an easy option, as you apply for and obtain it entirely online. You’ll of course have to pay a fee and have the right information and documents to qualify. Navigating this can sometimes be challenging so at Byevisa we can help you, and even submit your application on your behalf to save you time and effort.

Germans are able to visit the following 35 destinations with an eVisa. Again, we show you how long you can stay at each destination too.

eVisa Eligible Country
Visit for (in Months Unless States Otherwise)
Angola 1
Australia 3
Azerbaijan 1
Bahrain 14 days
Benin 1
Cambodia 1
Cote d’Ivoire 3
Djibouti 1
Egypt 1
Ethiopia 3
Gabon 3
Guinea 3
Guinea-Bissau 3
India 2
Iran 1
Kenya 3
Kuwait 3
Laos 1
Madagascar 3
Malawi 1
Myanmar 1
New Zealand 3
Pakistan 1
Papua New Guinea 2
Russia 16 days
Rwanda 1
Saudi Arabia 3
South Korea 3
South Sudan 1
Sri Lanka 1
Suriname 3
Tanzania 3
Uganda 3
Zambia 3
Zimbabwe 3

What Countries Are German Citizens Eligible to Visit With a Visa on Arrival (VoA)?

You usually get a VoA when you get to passport control after your flight. You fill in the application and pay the relevant fee if there is one. Germans can enter 13 destinations with this sort of travel pass.

VoA Country Eligible to Visit for (in Months Unless Stated Otherwise)

VoA Eligible Country
Visit for (in Months Unless Stated Otherwise)
Bangladesh 1
Burkina Faso 1
Comoros 45 days
Iraq 2
Jordan 2
Lebanon 1
Maldives 1
Mauritania 1
Mozambique 1
Nepal 1
Sierra Leone 1
Somalia 1
Togo 7 days

What About the Countries Not Listed?

If the country you want to visit is one of the 30 or so that isn’t listed anywhere above, then you’ll need to attend an embassy or consulate appointment to get a visa. To help you on your way, you can find the nearest available diplomatic mission with our embassy finder tool here.

Enjoy the World!

All of this demonstrates the power of Deutschland’s passport – 123 German passport visa-free countries, accessible with no visa at all, plus around 45 more that you can enter with an eVisa or a VoA. As this page shows, getting into the vast majority of the world is not difficult when you travel on a German passport. With so much of the world to enjoy, what’s stopping you from visiting somewhere really exciting and different this year? It’s time to get yourself travelling!

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