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List of Portugal Passport Visa-Free Countries

Portugal Passport Visa-Free Countries

If you’re a person with a Portuguese passport, then international travel to some of the most exciting and far-flung destinations is closer than you think. The Henley Passport Index is the international scale for measuring how powerful a passport is, and in a recent ranking, it put the Portuguese passport as high as joint fifth in the world. This means your passport is stronger than those of Switzerland, the UK, the USA and Australia!

As a Portuguese citizen, and tied to your membership of the European Union, you have an incredible range of countries which you can visit visa-free. Listed below is a full list of these countries, along with some hopefully useful information on how long you can actually stay in different places.

But of course, even with a really strong passport and the amount of flexibility it brings, there will still be countries that will require you to get an actual visa before you can enter. Many will accept eVisas (Electronic Visas) or Visas on Arrival (VoAs) at some ports of entry, but you always need to be sure of the exact requirements before you travel.

To help you on your way, we have looked at the many rules and regulations that exist, and hopefully, this guide will make your experience of travelling on a Portuguese passport as easy and clear as it can possibly be.

What Are the Portuguese Passport Visa-Free Countries?

The existence of a border-free and movement-free European Union means Portuguese passport holders can move between the following 30 countries for as long as you want:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Romania Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland

You’ll notice that Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are all listed here as they apply the same rules as EU Member States.

There’s more good news too. With a Portuguese passport, you can enter another 88 countries without applying for a formal visa. The next list shows which these are and also details how long you can remain in each one.

Visa-Free Country
Eligible to Visit for (in Months Unless Stated Otherwise)
Albania 3
Andorra 3
Antigua and Barbuda 6
Argentina 3
Armenia 6
Bahamas 3
Barbados 3
Belarus 1
Belize 1
Bolivia 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3
Botswana 3
Brazil 3
Brunei 3
Canada 6
Cabo Verde 1
Chile 3
Colombia 6
Costa Rica 3
Dominica 3
Dominican Republic 3
Ecuador 3
El Salvador 3
Eswatini 1
Fiji 4
Gambia 3
Georgia 12
Grenada 3
Guatemala 3
Guyana 3
Haiti 3
Honduras 3
Indonesia 1
Israel 3
Jamaica 1
Japan 3
Kazakhstan 1
Kiribati 3
Kosovo 3
Kyrgyzstan 2
Lesotho 2 weeks
Malaysia 3
Marshall Islands 3
Mauritius 3
Mexico 6
Micronesia 3
Moldova 3
Monaco 3
Montenegro 3
Morocco 3
Namibia 3
Nicaragua 3
North Macedonia 3
Oman 2 weeks
Palau 3
Panama 6
Paraguay 3
Peru 3
Philippines 1
Qatar 3
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3
Saint Lucia 3
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 3
Samoa 3
San Marino 3
Sao Tome & Principe 2 weeks
Senegal 3
Serbia 3
Seychelles 3
Singapore 3
Solomon Islands 3
South Africa 3
Thailand 1
Timor-Leste 3
Tonga 3
Trinidad & Tobago 3
Tunisia 3
Turkey 3
Tuvalu 3
Ukraine 3
United Arab Emirates 3
United Kingdom 6
United States of America 3
Uruguay 3
Uzbekistan 1
Vanuatu 3
Vatican City 3
Venezuela 3

When you count these 2 groups of countries together, it means that in total there are 118 completely visa-free countries for Portuguese passport holders, where you don’t have to apply for a formal entry document.

What About Portuguese Citizens Visiting Countries That Aren’t Visa-Free?

In every other country of the world, you still need to complete and apply for a visa for you to be permitted to enter. The good news is that there is an ever-growing list of countries that allow Portuguese citizens to enter via a much simpler process – either an e-Visa (Electronic Visa) or as a Visa on Arrival (VoA) at the border when you arrive.

What Are the eVisa-Eligible Countries for Portuguese Citizens?

An e-Visa (Electronic Visa) online is probably the most straightforward way of being sure to gain entry to a country that offers this service. It is basically a full visa but one that you apply for in advance, and every year more countries are embracing the technology to make this option possible.

When you apply for an eVisa, you will as you would expect have to pay a fee and also submit all the right documents and information to qualify. The precise documents needed vary between countries that use the eVisa system – there is no one standard list of requirements. Navigating this can sometimes be challenging, so we at Byevisa are here to help you. We can even submit your application on your behalf.

At present, Portuguese citizens are able to use an eVisa to gain access to 36 countries. We list them fully below, along with the details of how long you can stay at each destination.

eVisa Country
Eligible to Visit for (in Months Unless Stated Otherwise)
Angola 1
Australia 3
Azerbaijan 1
Bahrain 14 days
Benin 30 days
Cambodia 1
Cote d’Ivoire 3
Djibouti 1
Egypt 1
Ethiopia 3
Gabon 3
Guinea 3
Guinea-Bissau 3
India 2
Iran 1
Kenya 3
Kuwait 3
Laos 1
Madagascar 3
Malawi 3
Myanmar 1
New Zealand 3
Pakistan 1
Papua New Guinea 2
Russia 16 days
Rwanda 1
Saudi Arabia 3
South Korea 3
South Sudan 1
Sri Lanka 1
Suriname 3
Tanzania 3
Uganda 3
Vietnam 1
Zambia 3
Zimbabwe 3

What Countries Are Portuguese Citizens Eligible to Visit with a Visa on Arrival (VoA)?

You usually get a VoA when you get to passport control after your flight. All you have to do is fill the application and pay the relevant fee if there is one (remember to check in advance what this is, and whether they take cash or card). In total, Portuguese citizens can enter 15 destinations with this sort of travel pass.

VoA Country
Eligible to Visit for (in Months Unless Stated Otherwise)
Bangladesh 1
Burkina Faso 1
Comoros 45 days
Iraq 2
Jordan 2
Lebanon 1
Maldives 1
Mauritania 1
Mongolia 1
Mozambique 1
Nepal 3
Sierra Leone 1
Somalia 1
Tajikistan 45 days
Togo 7 days

What About the Countries Not Listed?

If the country you want to visit is one of those that isn’t listed anywhere above, then you’ll need to go through a fuller visa process. Where a nation isn’t a visa-free country for Portuguese passport holders, or where there are no eVisa or VoA options, you’ll need to contact the embassy or consulate of that country to discuss a formal application. Use our embassies finder page to search for the right diplomatic mission.

In many cases, you can usually get all the information you need online to make sure your application is speedy. You can also often download and print a blank visa application form in advance, which you can then complete before going. Once you have done your research, you can contact the embassy and work out a time to go and visit.

Happy Travelling on your Portuguese Passport!

We hope this article has given you some helpful information on visa-free countries for people with a Portuguese passport. As you can see, the majority of the world is open to you without a visit to an embassy. This includes a number of idyllic Caribbean or Pacific islands, and plenty of places to undertake a safari in Africa. All of Latin America is also really accessible, from Brazil right the way through to Mexico. Why not make this year the one in which you really take an adventure of a lifetime?

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